Karie Neal

Artist - Educator

Artist Statement

As I embark on this new journey of creating and sharing my art with others online, I find myself contemplating my why.  When I think of my art, I hesitate to share it because it's part of myself and part of my healing journey.  I've lacked the confidence for so long to put myself out there in this vulnerable way, but I feel like it's time now.  I've struggled with self-esteem, self-worth and so, being my own worst critic, I just never thought I was good enough.  I was also scared of criticism, but how can I better myself and my practice if I don't take risks?

I've spent most of my adult life raising my daughter and practicing as an elementary arts educator.  Both of these things have brought me much joy and have taught me so much about myself.  I've poured myself into them and now I'm more prepared and ready to spend some quality time creating my own art and sharing it with all of you.

I enjoy creating art inspired by nature.  I see such beauty in the eyes of an animal or the dewdrop on a leaf, the way the sun reflects on the water or how a shadow is cast onto a surface.  When I make art, I share what I see...the colors, shapes and lines that come together and form something special.  I would describe my work as realistic views of organic shapes.  I've been inspired by the work of Georgia O'Keeffe, the way she captured a flowers petal or the white of a bone across the blue of the sky.  I've always loved the way she captured colors and images, especially her large compositions of flowers and how they were enlarged to the point of partial abstraction.

I've currently been working in watercolor and pastels but I'm also experimenting with mixed media.  I like to create layers and work to find which mediums capture the colors, textures and looks I hope to achieve.  Some of my most recent works include a series of birds, but I also enjoy creating landscapes, other animals and flowers.

I guess my "why" is partly exploration and practicing to see the beauty around me.  Taking the time to stop and capture the special tiny things that happen every second and are so easily missed or quickly forgotten, yet so incredibly beautiful.  My hope is that you'll see the beauty also and stop yourself, to enjoy, sit with it and contemplate all it has to offer.

Please inquire about commissioned pieces.  




It has been a  busy year since I published my website and started selling my art.  I participated in two artist's markets this Fall, which I hope to be a part of again.  I have also had a few small exhibits of my work.

Come check out my work in person at my most recent exhibition:


Wendell Free Library

Herrick Conference Room Gallery

7 Wendell Depot Rd.

Wendell, MA 01379

Check out this article in the paper about the exhibit!


I also made some commissioned work over the Holidays which was a great experience.  Putting smiles on people's faces through my art was wonderful, both those who purchased the pieces and those who were the recipients.  I love what I do!!!!!  Check out these commissioned pieces!

Nauset Lighthouse

8x10 Framed Origianl

Coqui frog on an Amapola

11x14 Framed Original

Family Home with Maples

8x10 Framed Original in process


8"x8" Watercolor & Chalk Pastel

Peacock feather

4"x6" Watercolor, Chalk Pastel, Colored Pencil

Rainbow Birds

2"x4" Watercolor & Pen

2x4 Watercolor Birds (individual or sets of 6)  also available on cards & postcards

           Macaw  8x10    Chalk pastel & colored pencil on black paper Tree Frog 8x10 Chalk pastel on black paper

    Flamingo   5x7   Colored Pencil on toned paper Swan 11x14 Watercolor and Chalk Pastel

Rockport Motif   8x10  Watercolor & Chalk Pastel Rockport Sailboats & Rockport Fence  5x5  Watercolor & Chalk pastel

Hibiscus  5x5  Chalk pastel Lily Close up   8x10 Chalk pastel

Flowers & Abstracts   4x6 & 5x7 Mixed Media

General Pricing Guide: (subject to change based on materials, size, & techniques used to create a piece)

Prints are professionally made with high quality digital scanning & printing on high quality paper at a local printer.

Highlights from the Artist's Market at the Mill District Local Art Gallery                  Amherst, MA               NOVEMBER 2023